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Rakhi in India: Raksha Bandhan Celebrations in India

>> Friday, August 6, 2010

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Rakhi in IndiaRakhi in India is a reflection of the rich culture and time honored legacy of the Indian traditions. Taking its root during the mythological times where the deities and demons were at war, and the sacred thread played a crucial role in bringing victory to our Gods, the very Indian Rakhi festival is known the world over. Rakhi in India is observed on Shravan Purnima (full moon day), which falls in the months of July-August in the English calendar. The Indian calendar of festivals is subject to change; hence Rakhi celebrations also fall on the different dates of the English calendar. The entire nation spruces up for the festivities and Rakhi celebrations are quite distinct in the major Indian cities.

Rakhi in Bangalore:
Rakhi in Bangalore is observed with much aplomb and the Rakhi thali plays an important role. Decorated with gifts, flowers and the sacred vermillion, the holy thread is included in the thali. Sisters prepare the Rakhi thali the previous day and await the dawn of the Rakhi festival. In some homes, the elderly narrate stories about Rakhi importance and its relevance in the society. Daughters visit the parental homes where there is a family gathering. They tie the sacred thread around the brothers' wrists. Exchange of gifts like apparel, mithai and chocolates follow the ritual. The celebration of Rakhi in India, especially in Bangalore is quite similar to the celebrations in other parts of the country.

Rakhi in Chennai:
The land of silks beckons Rakhi in a traditional way. The Rakhi thali is comparatively grander with flowers and vermillion. A dash of turmeric is a common feature during the Rakhi celebrations. God's blessing is sought after the early morning bath. Special sweet dishes are prepared. After invoking the blessings of God, the Rakhi is tied on the brother's wrist. Rakhi in India, particularly in Chennai is a reflection of the innate rich traditions of southern India.

Rakhi in Delhi:
Rakhi in India is a much awaited festival during the Shravan month. Rakhi celebrations reflect the rich diversity. Delhi welcomes the Rakhi festival with much aplomb. Old Delhi is particularly effervescent during the celebrations as Rakhi festival is made complete with group events, exchange of gifts and narration of Rakhi importance. The culturally rich old Delhi is a must visit during the festivities, particularly to know about the Rakhi festival- India celebrations.

Rakhi in Hyderabad:
Rakhi in Hyderabad is akin to the celebrations in other parts of India. The majority of dwellers may not observe the celebrations, yet Rakhi festival is celebrated with prayers, vermillion thilak, sweet preparation and the ceremonious tying of the sacred thread. Rakhi celebrations are made special with visits to relatives' and family gatherings.

Rakhi in Mumbai:
Mumbai is one of the most crowded cities in India and going by the influx of people from diverse customs and traditions, it is easy to see that Rakhi celebrations are one of a kind. Rakhi in India, especially in Goa and Mumbai is also known as Naariyal Purnima and as the name suggests; the rakhi celebrations are complete by throwing coconuts into the sea to propitiate the Sea God, Varuna the chief deity of the festival. The custom adds a new dimension to the Rakhi festival- India celebrations.

The land of myriad traditions and time honored customs is the ideal place to know about the origin of mythological concepts and how it is being followed even to this day. The Raksha Bandhan- as the Rakhi festival is popularly known on the Indian shores, is by far, a culturally rich festival.

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