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2012 Rakhi Muhurat to Tie Rakhi on Brother's Hand

>> Saturday, July 28, 2012

2012 Rakhi muhuratRaksha Bandhan is the festival which is known as Rakhi in India. It is celebrated by all the religions around India. Hindus living around the world is also celebrates the festival. It comes on Shravana month during the full moon day. The purnima day is the comes in the middle of the Shravana month. Here are the 2012 Rakhi muhurats and panchangs.

2012 Rakhi muhurat to tie Rakhi on brother's hand:

Sunrise: 8:38 AM
Thread Ceremony Time: 06:01 to 08:57
Duration: 2 Hours 55 Mins
Date: 2nd August, 2012
Day: Thursday

As most of the people do not follow the rakhi muhurat times but who follows they can go with the above timings. The given timings are source from the internet so we are not guarantee about it.


When is Rakhi in 2012? Rakhi 2012 Date & Month

>> Saturday, July 14, 2012

Raksha Bandhan is known for Rakhi in India. The festival is celebrated on full moon day of Shravana a Hindu month. If you are looking for the When is Rakhi 2012 then the answer is given below.

As per the Rakhi Calendar Date of Rakhi in 2012 is 02-August-2010, Thursday.

Wishing all the viewers Happy Raksha Bandhan (Rakhi)


Vedic Panchang 2012: Day & Night Choghadiya 2012

Get the detailed information on Vedic Panchang 2012, Day Choghadiya, Night Choghadiya, Shubh Choghadiya, Muhurat Choghadiya for year 2012.

Panchang is a Vedic Hindu calendar. Showing Dina, Nakshtra, Tithi, Yoga, Karana for everyday,  with automatic adjustment for any city in the world.

As per Vaastu Shastra it is advisable to perform Vaastu Puja on a particular time phase of the day to get maximum benefits of health, wealth and prosperity. One can get the appropriate time of Muhurat from the Panchang.

There are seven types of choghadiya's. Each day is divided into two time periods: daytime - the period from sunrise to sunset - and night-time - the period from sunset to sunrise. Each period contains eight Choghadiya's. To calculate the duration of each Choghadiyu, divide the respective time periods by eight. Thus, in each period any one of the seven different types of Choghadiya's will occur twice.

Example - 
Day 1: Sunrise at 6:39AM and Sunset at 6:25 pm
Day 2: Sunrise at 6:41 am

The daytime period is 11 hours and 46 minutes (706 minutes).
The night-time period is 12 hours and 16 minutes (736 minutes).
Therefore, each daytime Choghadiyu lasts 706/8 = 88.25 minutes = 1 hour 28 minutes 15 seconds.
And each night-time Choghadiyu last 736/8 = 92 minutes = 1 hour 32 minutes.
To determine a good time to commence important works, check the time period between which such work can be initiated and select a favorable Choghadiyu within that specified time period.

Below shown is the Day Time & Night Time Choghadiya's  for the Year 2012:

Amrut, Shubh and Labh are considered the Best Choghadiya's (Time Period)
Chal is considered as Good Choghadiyu (Time Period)
Udveg, Kal and Rog is considered inauspicious

Day & Night Choghadiya 2012 for Vikram Samvat 2068-69



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